What are Reed Diffusers and how do they work?

Reed diffusers are a popular, easy and practical way to add fragrance to a room without the use of heat or a flame. You simply insert the reeds into the glass bottle and the reeds soak and draw up the scented oil emitting a pleasant aroma into the air.

With no need for heat or a flame you get no soot and more importantly there is no risk of fire.

How long do Reed Diffusers last?

There are many factors that contribute to how long the Reed Diffusers last. Air conditioning, heating, closed doors, open doors, dehumidifiers, direct sunlight, how many reeds you use, etc. However, we have found that our 100ml  Reed Diffuser oil should last for approximately 12 weeks, but ultimately this will depend on the temperature of your home.

We provide a pack of reeds but you do not have to use them all.

My reed diffusers don’t seem to be scenting the room as strongly as I would like. What’s wrong?

If you have flipped your reeds and it is still not right you maybe trying to scent too large a room. You may require more than one Reed Diffuser – placed in opposite corners of the room for best results. Also frequent door opening, open windows and air conditioning may effect results.

Where is best to place my Reed Diffuser?

Position your Reed Diffuser in an area that has an air flow or where people walk past that waft the scent around. Do not place too close to a window or vent as this will speed up the evaporation of the oil.